A data-driven and truly anonymous digital service that invites everyone to create a more inclusive company culture.


Clusjion is designed to help companies foster an inclusive workplace culture where employees feel respected and engaged.

We employ radical transparency to increase awareness and generate dialogue and behavioral change, with the goal of eliminating bias and harassment in the workplace.


Clusjion increases awareness and understanding of both bias and harassment through continuous data insight.

Clusjion maps the patterns of exclusion, discrimination, and harassment in your company culture giving voice to your company’s own employees and their experiences. Results are continuously visualized for all employees so that everyone sees the structures that exist and the behaviors that drive them. This is done without compromising the anonymity and integrity of your employees. By identifying problem areas, Clusjion creates a more inclusive work environment.


Co-create culture

Clusjion identifies specific examples and general patterns of exclusionary behaviour and discrimination in daily operations. Clusjion gives a voice to employees struggling with experiences of intentional or unintentional bias and harassment that hinder their full workplace potential. Clusjion is transparent and inclusive—the responsibility to create an inclusive culture is shared by everyone in the organization. Clusjion lets everyone determine standards of what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviors at work.


Do you value an inclusive environment? Do you want your employees to reach their full potential? Clusjion can help.


Our technology honors your privacy

We don't use any private information for "under-hood" analytics. Our platform is designed in the way that makes it impossible to relate people to their answers. We collect only the data needed to provide the service. Collected data is protected using best encryption approaches and unauthorized access is prevented by multi-factor authentication.