How to work better together

Clusjion co-creates an inclusive workplace culture by providing a digital and anonymous space for sharing experiences that can be improved.


What behaviors do you encounter in your workplace? As a new employee? As a newcomer to this country? As an employee with new ideas?

Clusjion measures how open employees are to new ways of thinking. And it measures attitudes and biases that are hidden and deeply rooted.


Clusjion is a tool that ask organizations how they can improve.

Are your employees 7,3 satisfied according to your lates yearly survey? Clusjion gives concrete examples of which areas within the organizational culture need improvement unlike an old-fashioned employee or pulse survey, that assumes you can act based on an average. In addition, Clusjion uses employee feedback to capture aspects of your organizational culture that are often left out of these traditional surveys. 



Are you interested in using Clusjion? Collaborating with us? Working for us? Or are you a journalist and want to ask some questions?


Curious about how Clusjion can help your organization? And how you can improve many of the processes you have today?


200% of salary


In 2016 millennials became the largest generation in the US labor force. 60% of millennials are open to leaving their current job for another. The cost of replacing an employee can be up to 200% of the person's annual salary.




Since the 1970s, percent of women with college degrees in Sweden has remained steady at 60-65%. The percent of female CEOs in companies on the Swedish stock exchange in 2018 was 10%. The percent of male CEOs with the first name Per was 5%.




45% of companies globally say they can't find the skills they need.


What about culture?

Do you want to assume what behaviors make people underperform at work? We don*t. We know that you need specifics about which behaviors are preventing just your employees from doing their very best. why specifics from your workplace? because all workplaces are different. And who decides what is okay and not okay in your organization. you and your colleagues do.



"Clusjion helps organizations understand their own culture and discuss it together from an inclusion perspective, a discussion that is important to have today and which will be crucial for companies who want to be an attractive employer in the future."

Sarah McPhee, Clusjion, Fourth AP Fund, SNS, Houdini Sportswear, Klarna, Bure, Axel Johnson Inc.



Dare to have the best workplace

Clusjion is designed to give you the facts so you can create a workplace where everyone feels respected and focused on delivering results.



It is about finding structures and patterns. Not identifying individuals.


So that everyone in the organization can see the structures that exist and understand the behaviors that drive them.


Clusjion makes the results available to all users. Statistics are combined with anonymized descriptions of events and comments from employees of the organization.


To change structural and culturally driven behaviors, continuous reminders are required to start he dialogue.